Are Aches and Pains Ruining Your Day? Discover Why You Hurt and How You Can Lessen the Pain

Jul10th 2017

As people age, many develop aches and pains that become progressively worse and begin to interfere with their normal work requirements, daily activities and even healthy sleep patterns. In many cases these aches and pains are worse upon awakening in the morning and ease as the person arises and begins to move about. Although this type of pain can have a number of causes, some of the most common ones are those related to a decrease in the level of overall health or activity, an illness or injury, a sedentary lifestyle, inadequate or improper exercise and poor nutrition.

Why Are Aches and Pains More Prevalent Upon Awakening?

Although general pain and aching can be attributed to many causes, discomfort first thing in the morning can be from a lack of movement or prolonged positions held during the night. Joints and other soft tissues get a bulk of their nutrition and hydration through movement. If muscles have been over-stressed during the day, they can become “stiffer” at night as fluid flow is reduced. Once you get up and start to move around, you often find that you begin to feel better. 

What Are Some Effective Ways to Help Relieve Common Aches and Pains?

Some of the best ways to help reduce the occurrence of morning aches and pains and the damage they cause is to take better care of your body and work to improve your overall health. This includes making sure that you:

  • eat a healthy diet, with an emphasis on anti-oxidant rich fruits, vegetables and nuts, such as peppers, carrots, broccoli, berries, grapes, citrus and walnuts
  • drink plenty of water to ensure proper hydration of body tissues, including muscles and joints
  • get regular, low impact exercise to make your body’s metabolism more efficient and improve fluid and nutrient movement throughout your tissues
  • get enough restful sleep to maintain body chemistry and help promote normal function
  • Adopt comfortable postures and positions and move frequently throughout the day
  • learn to manage stress to prevent involuntary tensing of muscles such as focusing on deep diaphragmatic breathing or meditation

Can Physical Therapy Be Effective for Aches and Pains?

Aches and pains that do not respond to your efforts to relieve them, those that seem to worsen or those that are related to some type of recent or past injury, can often be helped with the assistance of professional physical therapists, like ours. By using our skills and knowledge to develop an individualized treatment plan for you, we can help address the issues that are keeping you from doing the things you enjoy.

To find out more about how physical therapy can help you deal with your aches and pains, contact Virginia Center for Spine and Sports Therapy now. We can help you determine the cause for your discomfort and work out a convenient physical therapy plan to help you become stronger and enjoy better mobility at any stage of life.

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