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Oct24th 2019

Training Errors and Other Causes of Tendinopathy in Runners

The following is from Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Howard J. Luks, MD. Read more at Running is a fantastic sport.  Running has been associated with longevity; it improves cardiovascular fitness and enables us to clear the cobwebs from our head after a long day. But running has its downsides too.  Most runners will suffer from

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Oct3rd 2019

Flare-ups and how to handle them

The following is from a blog by Dr. Bronnie Thompson, an occupational therapist, researcher, and lecturer from New Zealand. You can find more from Bronnie at   If you live with persistent pain of any kind, you’ll know what a flare-up is. Periods of time when pain is exacerbated and sustained at a higher

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Sep10th 2019

How to be Healthier, Stronger, and More Active

If you are suffering from chronic pain, you know that being healthier, stronger and more active often seems unattainable. Fortunately, the key to a more active lifestyle is simpler than you think. Call Virginia Center for Spine & Sports Therapy today to find out how physical therapy can help you achieve levels of health and fitness

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