Concussion Management

Concussion Management Midlothian, VA

What is Concussion?

Concussion is a complex injury that involves multiple body systems, including the vestibular, oculomotor, and the musculoskeletal systems. Our physical therapists perform a thorough assessment that can identify which of these systems are affected and can help educate you on the specifics of concussion pathology and how they relate to your specific injury.  Our physical therapists use an active treatment approach to address your impairments in order to help you return to play and function most efficiently.


The vestibular, or inner ear, system and the oculomotor, or visual, system work together to integrate brain signals and comprise our balance.  Our physical therapists use specific exercises to retrain the brain’s ability to interpret brain inputs and coordinate these systems.  Addressing impairments in these systems can also improve upon symptoms of headache, dizziness, nausea, mental fogginess, vertigo, and difficulty focusing.

Musculoskeletal system

The cervical spine, or neck, and surrounding muscles/tissue can also be a source of HA and pain/anxiety following concussion. VCSST’s physical therapists are highly skilled in screening the spine and helping to rule in/rule out involvement in this area. It is important to address this system concurrently as there is a lot of overlap between the function of these inter-related systems.  Our physical therapists are also trained to treat TMJ(or jaw)dysfunctions that may relate to direct blows to the head or face and may be a secondary condition related to your concussion.

As your symptoms improve, our physical therapists also take you through a five-stage Return-to-Play protocol in order to assure that you are completely recovered from your concussion and can safely resume your normal activity.

Post-concussion symptoms are those that persist beyond the normal time frame for concussion and can cause symptoms and restrict your function for many months or even years after your concussion. Physical therapy has been shown to be effective even in these cases and our physical therapists can implement treatment approaches for this as well.

No two concussions are the same, which is why it is important that our physical therapists work with you to develop an individualized program that address limitations specific to your particular concussion in order to restore you back to your normal life.

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