Mar26th 2020

I am a current Doctor of Physical Therapy intern and I was given the opportunity to have a clinical rotation at Virginia Center for Spine and Sports Therapy. All I can say is that my experience at VCSST surpassed any and all expectations I may have had before I started my rotation. To be honest, the PT Outpatient rotation was the one I’ve been dreading the most due to my experience with other physical therapy clinics. Originally, I had planned to just get through it and move on and not look back. However, to my uttermost surprise, I enjoyed my experience as an intern at VCSST; I feel like what I’ve learned at VCSST I would not have been able to at other clinics. Everyone here, from the Techs to the Exercise physiologist to the Physical Therapists, are all so very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, and that reflects upon the care they give to everyone who enters their front door. I’ve been to other PT clinics (both as an observer and a student) and there is certainly a level of patient care and attention that the Physical Therapists at VCSST give to their patients/clients that is definitely incomparable. The therapists are also all involved in continuing education courses (both as teachers and students) and are always trying to increase their knowledge of current evidence-based practice! All in all, as my time as a DPT intern at VCSST comes to a close I can confidently say that I would 100% recommend VCSST for anyone needing physical therapy and also for any student looking for an unparalleled learning experience. It’s a wonderful environment and not once during my 12-week rotation did I have any trepidation about going in.